Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Says We Can't Make a Difference?

Front page news today is "Lesson Learned, Slaves Freed."

Students in Issaquah: Pine Lake Middle School, Pacific Cascade Freshman Campus, and Issaquah High School raised enough money, $66,000, to free 120 slaves from a rice mill in India and a brothel in Cambodia.

One man from India told the teacher who went to India that "If you hadn't helped us, we would have died in the rice mill."

This is huge.

The students state over and over in the article about how raising their awareness that such slavery exists in the world has made them think more about others, be cognisant of where the things they buy are coming from and who made them, as well as develop a heart of compassion for the world.

These teens will become good global citizens in the world. They can go from this seed planted to be one that plants an orchard of justice and compassion in the world.

The interesting thing about this article is that the money they raised went to a faith based organization: International Justice Mission. No one complained; it even went to the Issaquah School Board and got approval.

Eric Ensey, the teacher who started the initiative, says, "The word 'mission' doesn't mean missionary. It stands for rescue and the religious aspect doesn't play a role."

This is a man who sees his value in the kingdom. He is not in full time professional ministry but his life is a ministry. This is an example of what one person can accomplish when they look at their life with kingdom perspective.


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