Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Prayer

If you only had one prayer to pray, what would it be?

I think that this has to do with the dreams God planted with in us, and as we listen to his voice in our lives, we can determine what that prayer would be.

What is your prayer?

Mine is to create a structure that will free God's people up to live out their dreams.

I dream of seeing people owning their faith, living like Jesus and responding as he did, with compassionate, truth and grace.
I dream of seeing people live in such a way that people around us like what they see and want to be part of it.
I dream of living out our faith as Jesus followers in such a real way that we have a true connection with Jesus and authentic relationships with one another.
I dream of people having so much support through their community that they have the courage to take the risk to discover and to walk out their dream.

The prayer.

I am beginning to live out my dream. I am beginning to see Missio Lux form in such a way that the lightbulbs come on. . . and as the light shines, we come alive and we decide that we will do anything we need to do to live out God's dream in us.

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