Saturday, July 26, 2008

10 Years

I like to think about what is going to happen in 10 years. I like to dream about what Missio Lux can be in 10 years as we become committed followers of Jesus, inviting others to know him in relationship.

I was dreaming about this with Laurie, who also likes to consider "what can be." She came up with a very powerful vision for what can happen when we pass on our faith to others.

If we start with 20 people focused on living Jesus' proiorities and being his witnesses in the world, it is very realistic to double in one year to 40 Christ followers. That number would become 80 in two years and 1280 in six years. In nine years, it would jump to 10, 240 and in 10 years, an amazing 20,480 people could be living out Jesus priorities of loving God, themselves and their neighbors; as well as inviting people to follow Jesus too.

This is what Jesus did. Don't you marvel that he raised up 12 followers which really became 11 after Judas betrayed him. He spent 3 years doing life with them, which involved a lot of modeling and teaching in real life situations.

If we take 3 years to raise up 12 disciples, then the math tells us that in 12 years, 20,736 people will follow Jesus and in in 18 years,it will increase into a whopping 248,832 people. If these 248,832 people are intentionall about inviting people to know and follow Jesus, in 24 years (get this!), 429,981,696 (that's 429 million) lives will be changed. And, in 30 years, one generation, the whole world could know Jesus. That's the fulfillment of the Great Commission: Go into all the world and make disciples.

We often fool ourselves into thinking that if we don't do our part, it won't matter. We underestimate the power of our influence and the multiplication of what can happen if we take Jesus command seriously to "go and make disciples."

Begin to dream about who God is showing you wants to become part of his community. You will be glad you did when you stand in heaven and see the multitudes that come after you because you took the plunge and shared your life with people as you invited them to share their life with Jesus.

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