Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going to Iglesia Latinoamericana on Sunday

I was invited to speak about Missio Lux at Iglesia Latinoamericana Covenant Church on Sunday. This is a church that meets at Highland Covenant in Bellevue, Washington. It's a small congregation that worships in Spanish.

Our family went together. I didnt' know what to expect, except that I would be interviewed by the interim pastor about Missio Lux.

While we were worshipping, I experienced one of those times when the Lord was very present with me, giving me clarity on what to say, how to make connection with the people, and he even went to far to show me that he gave us the name Missio Lux because he wanted many ethnicities and languages represented, so it needed a name that wasn't English. I was thrilled with that new thought, and very grateful that we have a name that isn't "usual" for a church.

I was directed to the day of Pentecost. Did you know that there were 18 cultures and languages represented that day? Think about all the seeds which were planted and taken back into those different cultures. Think about how the Gospel began to spread from the very first moment, and it has never stopped spreading since.

Once God showed me a picture of a dried dandelion; the kind that look like a ball of seeds. He took it and blew it and I saw seeds going everywhere. He said that this is how Missio Lux is going to spread. Whereever a seed falls and takes root, a missional community can rise up and begin to meet, making their own seeds to blow in other directions.

We had a connection with Iglesia Latinoamericana Sunday. Even though a language barrier existed, (but it was great to have Bonnie to help interpret), the commonality of loving Jesus united us. I met so many wonderful people that day because their community was evident in how they love one another.

I am richer from the experience.

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