Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Divine Appointments from Around the World

We started having neighborhood dinners to connect and build friendships with our neighbors. Last month we hosted it, and my next door neighbor brought a friend who was from Bulgeria, which used to be Communist until the late 80's. She brought up the Christian faith because her current boyfriend was a Christian and was telling her that she wasn't good enough for him because she wasn't also a Christian (I wonder what Jesus would think of those conversations?).

Scot and Kim were there too and we were able to talk about our faith and our relationship with Jesus in a compelling way, painting a very different picture than she had from her Communist upbringing and current boyfriend. After she left, we also prayed for her; that God would change her circumstances, her relationships and her heart. (We heard through our neighbor that her boyfriend broke it off when she got back home.)

This month my same neighbor, who is from China, brought her cousin who had just arrived from China that day! He is in his last year of University and is studying to become a lawyer. I asked him about the Christian faith in China and he told me that it is illegal for anyone in his university to become Christian. I asked him how much he knew about it and he told me that he didn't know much, but that Christians followed a man named Jesus. I asked if it was okay if I told him more about that Jesus and he said yes, he would be honored to hear. I said a bit and he indicated that he "would be honored to hear more about my faith."

Let's just think about this opportunity for a moment. Here is a young man that will carry influence in China, the emerging world leader. He has heard nothing about the Christian faith, but is living on my street for the summer and has expressed interest, an honor, in hearing about Jesus and following him. Wow, this is a divine opportunity that I must not miss.

Wait to hear more! and while you are waiting to hear how my second conversation goes, pray about whom you are being called to invite to dinner, to plant seeds and to build relationships, and then dream about what God can do which is beyond our wildest imagination.

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Matt said...

Tamara--what an opportunity. How cool. It's so right on to see your influence with him translating into influence in China. I pray that God will give you significant impact in his life.