Monday, June 16, 2008

This Things Made of Sticks

Friday night Alex held his second Art and Poetry night calling it "This Things Made of Sticks."

Missio Lux values art and creative expression as a pathway to God, so we are thrilled to hold these as they lift up the unique dreams that God has given to many; that they are allowing to come forth. Friday night about 80 highschoolers and college students (and a few adults) gathered to hear Alex do new renditions of his Slam Poetry, several musicians play and sing, as well hear an awesome band that rocked the house, as well as others who displayed their photography and art work and read poetry.

I looked around and was grateful to be see all the people that gathered to honor what many willingly shared. We hear so many negative reports about this generation, and yet, there were many present to participate in God's dreams flowing out. And, even though all of it was respectful and some very openly about God, none of it fell in the traditional Christian box.

Alex also announced that he is starting a missional community called Film & Theos. They will watch cultural films and look for themes of God in them. Look for it to begin soon.

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