Friday, June 13, 2008

Service for Worship

One of the people in Missio Lux has discovered what can happen when Sunday morning is freed up. Her name is Angie and she is leading "Seeds of Hope," our initiative to send Sudanese children to boarding school. Seeds of Hope's dream is to help transform Sudan from the inside out as people get educated and help bring solutions to Sudan's chaotic existance.

Angie is forming a team of people who see the same potential. One of her team members is a woman that works full time and cannot meet with Angie any other time than Sunday morning. She has never gone to church, and has had little spiritual interaction in her life. But, when Angie and her friend meet, they pray and they dream and they work on building a strong structure for Seeds of Hope. This woman is being transformed by the experience of community with Angie, of connecting with God in a way she has never experienced before, and finally, by working on a missio that is bigger than she could ever imagine. As we connect all three: knowing and experiencing God, loving one another and serving the world, this is when God's heart beats in us.

Angie told me that she is so glad that she is now using her Sunday morning this way, she is serving for her worship. She is seeing what happens when she is freed up to spend time with those that must belong before they will believe.

I love this. I think that Jesus does too.

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