Saturday, August 14, 2010

Multiplication and MIracles

My family has made celebrating my 50 birthday very significant. Bill and our daughters spent time making plans and sending out the evite.

My extended family flew in, as well as our youngest daughter, Molly, from college.

Even my very good friend from Denver, Patti, came to join the celebration.

We reserved a pavillion at a park for the occasion. After all, summer nights in Seattle are absolutely spectacular.

However, I began to wonder if we were in trouble when the morning of my party, the clouds socked in the mountains.

By the time the morning was over, it was raining, HARD!

So, two hours before the party began, we switched gears, brought everything home and tried to get the house put back together. My party would be at our house!

I think that God had a hand in this because at one point Bill gathered everyone in the kitchen and asked people to say how they knew me. But, everyone went way beyond how they knew me by telling how I had impacted their life. Every person present could speak to a way that I had helped them walk closer to Jesus and made their life more fulfilling and real.

As I stood there, listening to each word like a soothing balm, I felt like the Lord whispered to me, "These are your multipliers."

It's true. Everytime we pour our lives into someone, they can't help but take what they have received and pour it out to another.

This decade I am going to be more intentional to call people to pour into others. To see our lives as a ripple that will extend far beyond ourselves, and make a lasting mark for eternity.

As things seem to get harder in our lives through the economy, and the weather patterns, and relationship dysfunction, this is how we navigate: by keeping the call of Jesus to go and share what we have received from him. When we do this, what we give away is returned back to us in a huge way.

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