Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leaving for Europe

My 50th decade is starting off with a great adventure. Tonight we are leaving for Europe.

We are flying into London first.

Our daughter moved to England last August to start graduate school for Global Health. This decision came after Heather went around the world for 8 months the previous year, and God provided a last minute spot in a highly soughtafter graduate school. We are looking forward to entering into Heather's world and seeing life from her vantage point the past year.

We are also going to Scotland.

My husband, Bill, is full Scottish, his parents immigrated to the US in their teens. We are so excited to go back to their fishing villages in Northeast Scotland: Fraserburough and Inveralochy. I have longed for our daughters to connect with their Scottish heritage and understand more fully the roots from which they came. Now it is finally going to happen!

We are delighted with the hospitality we are receiving on our trip. Bill's second cousin, Bruce Buchan, has knocked himself out to make arrangements, offer his home, be our tour guide and generally do anything we need to make our time in Scotland reflect the love of the Scottish people.

The Sales Family is also doing the same in England. Heather's boyfriend, Luke, has helped make arrangements, sent us encouraging messages and invited us to come to his parent's home one day so we can experience English hospitality.

I will be blogging every so often about our Great Britain adventures, so stay tuned!

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L said...

I'm so glad you took a real break and didn't blog - but I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences.