Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Treasure Hunt

Tuesday night our Healing Prayer Team took a treasure hunt. This is what a treasure hunt is: we prayed for God to give us clues and then we set out to find the person/people that he had chosen for us to share our freedom and hope with, through Jesus. Let the light shine as we were sent out.

Our first clues came up rather fruitless, we were turned down by 3 people for prayer, but when we prayed again, we got the location and the color of hair, as well as the word "thunderbird." The thunderbird took us course a bit as we interpreted it as a car, but it had another meaning.

We walked into Safeway as we felt directed into the store and as we walked we encountered a man who said, "It's freezing in here." Now you have to know that all of us Washtonians were thrilled, it seems that summer had FINALLY arrived. It turns out this man had just moved here from Hawaii.

We started a conversation and pretty soon another man showed up: his brother. We told them that we were there to pray and asked if they wanted some prayer. They said sure, we had good aura. We asked them if they knew Jesus and one said yes, and the other said no. The one who said yes said that he was still angry about a situation and so he was rather far from God.

They told us that they had a family situation that was breaking their heart. So, we prayed about it. The funny thing is that we ran into them three times in the store and they kept telling us more things to pray about. So, we did. The final time it turns out that one of their auntie's was having brain surgery in a couple of days. But, as he told us this, he started telling us about his Grandmother's death and how he spoke to her by phone just before she died. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

We knew that we had been sent to the people that needed to be reminded of Jesus' love and hope. We prayed for the brain surgery and I just have a sense that she will be healed.

I may never see these two men again, but I left elated because anytime that we move out to "take on a missio lux 'mission of light'", joy comes. Joy came to me and joy came to the men that were touched by the heart of Jesus coming through three women who took a risk and followed God's clues to the treasure of their heart.

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