Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ripple Effect of Serving One Another

I always say that what we do has far greater meaning and influence than what we can easily see from our vantage point.

This proved true in June when the Arbors Missio Community decided to come alongside one of the families that are part of their missio commuity. This family has recently gone through a divorce and in the stress that accompanies divorce, the yard had gotten a bit out of control and it left the Mom feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed.

So one week for three days in a row, people from the Arbors MC came together and worked on the yard; even the kids who had just gotten out of school. Before they knew it, the front yard was free of weeds, a dead tree, had some new grass and some pretty flowers.

We are learning as a community that we can't always have our eyes focused on serving people in the world, at times we need to look around and ask the question, "Who needs to be served in our missio community?"

It made a huge impact to the family that received the yard makeover, but surprisingly, it also made a bigger impact on the surrounding culdesac. Neighbors noticed and actually came outside and asked them who had helped them with their yard. When they told them it was their family from Missio Lux, the neighbors wanted to know what kind of church it was--they were activated to ask because they saw the tangible service take place.

Jesus told us that we were to do the things he did, and even bigger things than he did. But, sometimes it isn't the big things that touch the heart of the world, it is the small quiet things.

Arbors didn't help with the yard to influence the neighbors, but if they are drawn closer to Jesus and his heart for the world, this is an unintended consequence that they can celebrate!

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