Friday, May 14, 2010

Pouring our Lives into Another

Several years ago, I mentored my niece Lindsey. She now lives in Kansas City and is a trainer for Young Life volunteers. She is married to a man named Drew who is an area director for Young Life as well.

I've continued to speak into Lindsey's life when I am with her or when we connect by phone. She has a hunger and a desire to pour her life into others as she herself was poured into by myself and others.

This weekend Lindsey is graduating from seminary. She's gone through seminary even while she has gotten married and had two children. It hasn't been easy, but she has persevered and tomorrow she is reaching the finish line of her seminary studies.

Our family is going to celebrate this milestone accomplishment with her. To me it will be a huge privilege to be with her as she is part of my spiritual fruit.

The Bible tells us that if seeds fall into fertile soil it will bring forth a harvest. So often we look for the instant result and feel discouraged if we don't see it. But, I am finding as the years go by I am given the gift of seeing seeds that God used me to help plant come to a place of growth and reproduction.

This is the exciting thing about pouring our lives into another: they multiply our lives! The more that we give away what Jesus gives us, the more it comes back to us in a blessing of multiplication. I've heard the term a lot recently that the generations that come after ours will have a floor that has been our ceiling.

I am delighted to see what Lindsey will do with her life after seminary. Whatever it is, I know that it will involve Lindsey pouring her life into others, which will take the reproduction of fruit into another level of harvest.

Who are you pouring your life into? It is one of the best ways for us to experience the abundant life that Jesus invites us to life because of the joy of seeing seeds we've planted become a harvest.

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