Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Kingdom of God Breaks Through in Missio Lux, Part 4

Saturday morning, the Kingdom of God broke through in Missio Lux through a gathering of Celebrate Recovery leaders. We came together intentionally to seek God and to be renewed and refreshed by him after another year of valuable recovery ministry.

Celebrate Recovery meets every Monday, no matter what. These leaders are so committed to walking alongside those in recovery that even if it is the biggest holiday of the year, someone is there for those that need a touch of Jesus that day.

Missio Lux and Pine Lake Covenant, Missio Lux' mother church, support Celebrate Recovery Kingdom Partners. This is a gift for me as it allows the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and my friend, Sharon Anderson and I to continue to partner in ministry, as we did while I was on staff at Pine Lake.

We came together and spent time breathing in Jesus. Sharon began by leading us in a Centering Prayer where we invited Jesus to come and be present with us. She then led us in a Lectio Devina of Luke 9 where Jesus told his disciples "You give them something to eat" when they were looking for how to feed 5,000 men (and who knows how many women and children).

I was really moved by the Lectio Devina. My time with Jesus in the morning before the retreat wasn't great: I was distracted and having a hard time staying awake. But, being in community with others who are passionate about Jesus too helped me to chew on the daily bread of Scripture.

We all heard a different emphasis in the Lectio Devina. I heard the two words, "Withdraw and Welcome." This takes me back to Missio Lux' desire to follow Jesus' two priorities: the Great Commandment: Love God, ourselves and one another (Relationship) and the Great Commission: Go and Make Disciples (Presence and Power of Jesus). We must withdraw to be with Jesus so that we can welcome those who need his presence and a touch of his power for healing.

After a fun break of interacting about our week, we participated in a huddle. We are benefiting so much from our structure of huddle that we are learning from 3dm:
Our focus was on the Learning Circle which helps us to observe, reflect and discuss as we change our minds and to plan, account and act as we change our behavior. The Learning Circle is a very helpful tool in teaching us to pattern our lives after Jesus.
We focused on the semi-circle called "Fruitful Living." Jesus taught us a rhythmic cycle of rest and work, abide and bear fruit. When we live out this rhythm daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, we get to live the abundant life Jesus promised us. When we have a life that is free from the exhaustion and stress that so much of our country lives under, we have a life that others see and want to know more about.
The Semi-Circle is a 3DMinistries LifeShape- Copyright Mike Breen

This is a witness that will make an impact into our world. Living counterculturally is a gift as we discover that Jesus' designed a way for us to live within the protective boundaries he made for us.

No retreat is complete until we spend time praying and speaking out God's heart for his people. Sharon and I moved through the leaders speaking, praying and proclaiming the very messages that the Lord gave us to us to share with his faithful people.

We all left revived and refreshed. I know that I am learning a way of ministering with the 3dm Lifeshapes and Huddle that very much comes from a place of faith and rest. I see how huddles open our lives and understanding in community so that we truly can learn how Jesus designed us to live--it goes beyond our heads and moves into our hearts because we do it together.

The Kingdom broke through Saturday....

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