Friday, March 26, 2010

Fliers and Prayer Go Together

I just got back from Occidental Square. I took Rosemary, a Missio Lux Healing Prayer Minister, with me for the task of passing out fliers and hanging posters for our Easter Celebration at Occidental Square in Pioneer Square Seattle.

I knew that Rosemary should come because she has a natural gift for praying for people whereever she goes. She knows Jesus as healer and she offers to pray for anyone who desires to be healed, or saved, or both!

We went to all the shelters around Occidental Square: Bread of Life Mission, Union Gospel Mission, Compass Center and Chief Seattle. We also visited some of the local businesses and asked them to hang our posters, as well as offering to pray for their business! Some of the recipients looked dubious but no one said no.

We met one man named Cowboy Bill. He told us that he had a blood clot on his leg and he needed to use a wheelchair because of it. We asked how we could pray for him, and he told us "he needed his wheelchair back." Rosemary said, "I'd like to pray that you don't need the wheelchair anymore because God healed you."

So, we did. We prayed for his leg to be healed and for the blood clot to go. Cowboy Bill thanked God for the healing in faith. Then he gave us both hugs.

I said that I hoped he would come to Easter at Occidental with a testimony of God's healing power in his life and leg!

I just love being in Pioneer Square in Seattle. There is something that draws me there. There are a lot of poor and disenfranchised people but almost everyone that we meet knows Jesus. They live with him on a moment to moment basis because they have no other umbrella to hold them up.

Speaking of umbrella's, my prayer is that they won't be necessary this Easter after the major deluge of rain that we experienced last year!

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