Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missio Lux Strengthens

One of the beauties of Missio Lux is the way that everyone knows they are important and valued, and they aren't dependent on me as the pastor to make sure things happen!

My passion has been for the Body of Christ almost since the day I decided to make following Jesus my highest priority. I believe that Paul illustrated it well in 1st Corinthians 12 when he said that "we aren't all eyes, or feet or ears, are we?" (loose interpretation!)

I was in Hawaii having a marriage enrichment week with my husband Bill last week, and will be gone again this weekend for a family wedding. Not great timing to have both "leavings" so close together, but it is good for Missio Lux because they are taking great initiative!

Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, when we usually do our monthly Celebrations, one missio community decided they wanted to gather all of Missio Lux together, despite the fact that we didn't have a celebration planned because of Easter the following weekend. So, they have planned it, publicized it and will set up, carry it out and make it happen! This is a huge step forward for Missio Lux and I am celebrating it.

Last week our missio community, which usually meets are our house, met in a different location and planned a fun night of games and connections. One missio community member has experienced a death in the family and the community is reaching out to support them. This is the Body of Christ in action and I know that Jesus is delighted to see his body moving and breathing and sharing life with one another.

I will keep you posted about this weekend as the Body of Christ gathers with their true head, Jesus! I am just one of those feet......

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