Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Experiencing Community with Healing Prayer

I always look forward to Tuesday nights. This is the night that the Missio Community Healing Prayer gathers; it is my place of greatest belonging. When I am with this community, I am happy and at home with those that share my passion for prayer and for walking in the miracles of healing.

We start by praying, breathing deeply remembering that Holy Spirit is breath and brings life to us. We remember and speak out who we are: our identity as Jesus' followers. We praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit for who they are and what they have done. We confess our sins, and we pray for one another.

Every week it looks different as we wait for the Lord to show us how to procede.

Tonight we asked the Lord if he had words of encouragement that he wanted to share with us. As we began to speak them, four of the six words were for the same person. She was blown away by God's care for her as she just got a new job at her work; which actually protected her from the layoffs that came the next week. The message from three of us were very similar; God wanted her to know that he had put her in this new position and he was with her as she walked through the different trials of her life.

We prayed over our Easter Celebration which will be taking place at Occidental Square. God is showing us what he wants that Celebration to be; and we are listening and responding.

We finished by discovering who amongst us had need for prayer. Three of us did, so the whole community broke up to pray for the 3. Next week it will be different people. We ended up by praying for a husband of one of the women in our community that just had surgery, and then blessed one another.

People linger.

They don't like to leave the love, the warmth and the acceptance that they find in the community of God's people. I sit with a smile on my face as I think, "We are getting closer each time to discovering what God really intends for us as his followers as we live into the relationships he invites us to live."

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Anonymous said...

I would love to know more about what you are doing in the park with the Resurrection celebration. I am wrestling with ideas of my own in this regard. Any good ideas or assistance in that area would be much appreciated.