Sunday, August 24, 2008

God's Surprises

God likes to give his children gifts. It makes him happy as a Daddy. He gave one of those gifts to me this week.

Molly is our youngest daughter. She was flying back to college as sophomore in Chicago. We had a hard departure last year as emotions were running high and circumstances were working against us. So, this year was an extra special gift.

Here's what happened:

Bill flew in from San Francisco** to say "good bye" to Molly. He was planning to surprise her in the Alaska Board Room. Right after I found out he had come, Molly asked me to come inside with her to make sure that her bags weren't overweight. (I was able to do this because my first appointment of the morning had just cancelled.)

We approached the open Agent, who was the most congenial and helpful agent we had ever encountered. When she discovered that Molly was going back to college, she asked me if I wanted to accompany her to the gate. (Amazing!)

So, I was able to see Bill surprise Molly and then we all went to the Board Room to spend close to an hour together before she left to board her plane.

As I left the airport, I realized what had happened. God had surprised me with a gift. He redeemed the painful experience of last year and showed me once again that he cares about every areas of our lives.

I will always remember this day and this gift because it gave me a chance to love Molly well as I basked in the love of my Daddy God!

**Bill commutes to San Francisco for his job

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Heather & Toriann said...

That is such a great story! You usually have such horrible airport stories, Im glad this was a good one!