Monday, August 4, 2008

The Gift of Music and Prayer at Occidental Park

When I arrived the first band was setting up. All in all, five bands came to play their music, their gift, to those that gathered in Occidental Park. One of the bands played Amazing Grace with rootbeer bottles. The Bread of Life Mission band played together as those that were finding help to get clean from the temptations of life. Another rocked out, but gave a testimony for how Jesus had changed their lives. Jay's band, The Rag Band, played awesome music with songs that testified how 12 step and Jesus had given them life. Jay's son, Joey, played alongside his Dad, already learning at a young age to love those that Jesus loves.

During all the music, prayer took place. We set up a prayer tent for more privacy and for an established place to go as an invitation. We also had prayer cards for those that didn't want to go and receive prayer directly, but still wanted the gift of prayer. We also went down the line and asked the people if they wanted to get prayer. One man came and asked for us to pray that his murderous anger would go. He stopped us when he knew it was gone.

In between the bands, we told stories of how Jesus changed our lives. Dan, a recent amputee, spoke about "Why Not Me?" and how he knew that God would use his amputation as a way to indentify with the broken and the lost. The crowd listened attentively and asked questions. Another, Tami, spoke about her life with alcohol and drugs and how she lost her marriage due to her addiction. She gave Jesus the credit with having set her free. She let the crowd in a song that lifted all our spirits.

Music, story and prayer. Three ways that God opens our hearts and gives us hope for another day. (SEE BLOG ARCHIVES FOR MORE OF THE STORY.)

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