Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Americans Believe God Can Heal

I really have to blog about this because so many people brought it up to me in the last two days.

It was in the newspaper yesterday:
Majority Believe Divine Intervention Can Revive the Dying!

It seems that 57% said that God's intervention could save a family member even if physicians declared that treatment would be futile. The article goes on to say that people want dr's to include this form of treatment as an option in their assessments.

How interesting. . . .

I have to tell a story. About two weeks ago, I had a coffee date with a woman that I am getting to know. We were going to talk some about Missio Lux while we took a walk (unlike today when it is raining, the sun was shining brilliantly!) But, for some reason, I poured coffee and said, "Let's just have a cup of coffee before we walk." Within minutes she had shared a personal area where she was struggling and we began to pray.

We prayed over this area and God was really present but he surprised both of us beyond our wildest dreams. This woman walked with a cane as the past three years she had hip dipleasia and was in constant pain. When the prayer time was over, she went to her car to get her Bible and when she came back, she was holding the cane. She said, "Tamara, look at me."

I looked and she walked down the stairs, holding the cane! God had healed her instantly in her hip. But, the funny thing is that we weren't even praying for her hip, we were praying for emotional/spiritual areas.

But, as she confessed and forgave that day, God moved in big ways. He took the area where she was outwardly lame and healed it as a sign that he had healed the area that was lame in her inner life.

She left the cane at our house that day. She spoke at Missio Lux Sunday night as she is telling everyone who will listen what God has done for her. She is walking in faith!

God does heal. He hears our hearts and when we are able to receive his love and forgiveness, we also get healed. Sometimes it's instant and other times it's a process, but healing is his heart for the people he created.

I am glad that the world is opening up to the supernatural movement of God. I am glad that the Church is begining to invite healing more intentionally into it's realms. I am glad that Missio Lux has healing prayer as a foundational ministry because when we experience healing and freedom we are able to share it with others.

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