Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Big God Dream, Part 2

I blogged yesterday about our Sudanese brother, John Kher, and his story. But, in telling the story I didn't get to say much about John. John fell on his 1,000 mile trek to safety as a young boy and broke his hip. He now walks with a limp because one leg is considerably shorter than the other. He lives in constant pain. But, he has the biggest, most infectious smile of anyone I have ever met. He radiates joy to whomever he comes into contact.

He doesn't have a lot of education. He didn't learn much in Kakuma, he didn't get enough to eat while his body was growing, the school wasn't very effective. When he came to the US, he was in foster homes and the education system just kept passing him through rather than take the time to figure out exactly what he needed.

He works as a janitor. He takes great pride in his job, he loves the uniform and the people around him adore him. He makes one feel like you are the most important person in the world.

John has every obstacle against him. He was traumatically orphaned, he grew up in a refugee camp, he is in a foreign land, he is disabled and has learning disabilities, much more than I dare say most Americans have ever faced.

But, he has a heart the size of Texas. He also has a vision. He has a burden for his people, the Ajuong subcommunity, from Sudan. He has made sacrificial life choices to put his people before himself. He longs to see his village, Paliau, (in Southern Sudan) made alive again with people, schools, health clinics, churches, a safe government.

The people in Sudan think that the streets are lined with gold in the US. They do not understand that we, too, have to work for a living and that it isn't all given to us. They do not understand why they are not already in a safe boarding school. They are desperate to become educated as they understand that this is the only way to see Sudan become a safe and productive country once again.

Our vision is to educate these kids with the understanding that they will devote their lives, like John, to seeing their villages and their country be transformed.

Missio Lux.....mission of light. Walk in the light as Jesus is in the light!

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Anonymous said...

I was very inspired by the story shared at the last build team meeting for Missio Lux. I can see how Gods timing and plan can play out. I can see how He prepares our spirit to be able to get the strength and conviction we need to move forward in Big ways. To truly feel connected and in relationship with those we want to help. So many of us never get a chance to personaly meet or even get a chance to hear the stories of these peoples lives. I am touched by peoples spirit, and was reminded today that if we are not provided with the basic needs of food, shelter, and a means to live, that we will not survive. May we all be available to the Holy Spirit when he calls on us to "move forward". Blessings, Betsy