Friday, March 14, 2008

Being present at the Mall

Earlier this week I took our daughter Molly shopping. She is home from college on Spring Break, and one of our favorite things to do together is to shop. I was hanging out on a comfy chair, being quite happy to sit there and veg, while she tried on her choices.

So there I was minding my own business, until God highlighted three of the girls shopping in the store. They were probably about 15 and were dressed with all the right things: the right purse, the right shoes, the right style, the right haircut. At times I can find myself becoming cycnical about this culture of "the right."

But, not this time. This time God showed me his heart for these girls. He showed me that althought they had everything, they really had nothing. He showed me that inside all the "right" things that they wore outwardly, they were suffering inwardly. They carry a pressure to "look right, do right, wear right." They also carry a sense of loss because it all comes so easy for them, and it lacks meaning. He also showed me that as they didn't know who God was, they were empty, not even coming close to being able to articulate what they were missing, they just knew that they were . . . . .missing something.

So, I sat in my comfy chair and prayed for them. I realized that by doing that, by noticing the girls and connecting to God's heart for them, I was bringing the kingdom of God to earth. I was bringing God's desire for them to know and follow him and calling it into reality in my prayer. I was also allowing my heart to be transformed as in the past I would have probably have gone down the road of cynicism, rather than love and care for three girls I may never see again.

And, what a great way to use my veg time, it turned out to be a divine appointment instead.

Where do you find yourself waiting?
Are you willing to let God take that time and make it productive for his purposes?

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