Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Celebrate Recovery

Last Monday Celebrate Recovery was launched. As I worshipped with a very wonderful worship band, I sat there grateful for all the seeds that have been planted to come to this point.

When I first came to Pine Lake, I looked at Celebrate Recovery with Betsy Gordon, who had come forward to lead a recovery group. We both looked at each other and knew that the soil wasn't ready for CR, it needed more cultivation and more seeds planted.
We started the Freedom Trek, which was a small group recovery setting. Many people went through the Freedom Trek and discovered freedom through Christian 12 step work. Seeds Planted!
Last weekend I was also at the Healing Prayer Training for Emotional Healing. Bill and Leslie Bedell led this training two years ago too, and this was when God broke through and brought an authenticity to the people present and a hunger emerged for more of what they had experienced. More seeds planted.
After that training, we offered Healing the Wounded Child, also taught by Bill and Leslie Bedell, in gender specific groups. Many who have attended HWC also discovered Celebrate Recovery and have seen how being in a recovery setting has brought them to a place of wholeness, authenticity and freedom, and they can't get enough of what Jesus offers. More seeds beginning to push through the soil to become plants!

It was so apparent at CR. We had a snowstorm yesterday and even so, the room was crowded, people were grateful to be there, and the love flowed freely. The seeds have now become full grown and are beginning to bring forth a harvest!

I am delighted to be part of forming a church that values authenticity, friendship on the journey of life, recognition that to become a Christian doesn't make one perfect, but forgiven and on the road to healing, and seeing people get free so we can be the full person that God created us to be. As we step into this, I see that nothing gets in the way of God's plan for our life; the plan that brings us to the place of "life to the full, or life abundant on earth." We can still anticipate heaven with great longing, but it makes life on earth a lot more fulfilling.


4gordon said...

So true,Amen. Praise God. I can only speak for myself in saying that this CR experience for me is living proof that the Lord has way bigger, better, more fruitful plans for us than we would ever dream up for ourselves. I am so very excited for this ministry and so greatful for the people the lord has brought forth so far to be on board. What an amazing testimony of Gods grace and healing and growth. We will remain teachable and humble, with Gods love and grace to share abundantly! Blessings, Betsy

KellyO said...

God is soooo good! I am amazed at what He is doing in my life and in the life of others through Celebrate Recovery. I couldn't have imagined a year-and-a-half ago when I started my recovery journey what blessings He had in store for me. Being a part of Celebrate Recovery has given me a place for true and authentic connections. I thank God for Celebrate Recovery, for each member of the Leadership Team, and for those who listened to God's calling and brought this ministry to life- Tamara, Betsy and Kim. I can't wait to see how God will transform the lives of those who are experiencing Celebrate Recovery. God is working mightily and He is planting many seeds!
To God be the Glory!