Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Kite Runner

Today our family went to see "The Kiterunner." It's a movie based in Afghanistan, and moves through the history from the Communist invasion to the rule of the Taliban. The most evil man in the city rules the Taliban, and he abuses children. I still can't shake how that makes me feel. How anyone can take a child's life and use it to fulfill personal pleasure literally makes me want to throw up.
I left the theatre wondering how God can stand it. I left wondering how he felt when Adam and Eve invited sin into the world. I left wondering how Missio Lux can help address such injustices and how we can make an impact into the unjust systems that prevail in most of the world.
It won't be easy, but it must be done. Jesus told us that we need to act justly and to love mercy. It's not enough to feel compassion, our compassion needs to lead us to acts of mercy and to develop systems of justice.
Next Saturday the Build Team for Missio Lux meets for the first time. The Build Team is the group that will help shape Missio Lux into what it is to become. I pray that God will give us wisdom and maturity to look beyond our own comfort into what truly will point us to Jesus' statement to the disciples, "And the world will know you are mine through your love."


Anonymous said...

The world love the Jesus of mercy and compassion! The loved his healing touch! The loved his embrace of children! They loved his defiance of the political and religious injustice!

The world hated Jesus call to repentance! They hated his judgement. They hated him reminding them of their sins! They hated him foretelling a coming judgement!

In the end their love of sin and hatred of good led them to murder the Son of God.

The world will love us for acts of mercy, but, like our Jesus, they will hate the truth!

barabbas said...

we do need to step it up as christians, hell, as human beings, we need to adress the atrocities. the whole world by now has heard about darfur on some level and yet we stand and watch whilst doing nothing.