Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vision for "Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You!"

Now that "Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You" is written, what are the different options for how it can be used to help pull people out of an identity crisis and into the place of walking in fulfillment of God's plan for our lives?

The possibilities are quite endless!

"Identity Crisis:  Reclaim the True You" is an interesting read, and will open up minds to a way to a different lifestyle.  However, just reading it will only go so far in helping change a lifetime of thinking and behavior.  The book will be most effective in bringing peace and joy and a fulfilling life when the material in the book is interacted with, both individually and in groups.

Therefore, I have designed a variety of ways to interact with the book:

       1.  Each chapter ends with both reflection questions and experiences to reinforce the themes.
       2.  The reader will be directed to an interactive website where the questions and experiences will be accompanied with opportunities for online conversation and support.  (QR codes in the book will take those with iPhones directly to the website.)

        3.  Identity Crisis is designed to be a powerful book study which takes place over 10 weeks or more; readers can assemble their own groups to work through it, or existing groups may adopt it as their present study.  The Scriptures, stories, reflections and experiences are transformational when explored in community.

       4.  Some readers may find the book most effective as they work through the content individually at a pace that gives them time to fully integrate the themes found in the book.

       5.  I am also available to lead groups through the material in a variety of ways:
                     a.  Weekend Retreats are excellent in taking "set apart time" to process the themes in the book and to process it in community with others.  These retreats can be either gender focused or done with both men and women.

                    b.  Identity Workshops are one day gatherings which will focus on the two main themes found in Romans 8:14-17:  we are beloved adopted children of God, and our inheritance of being co-heirs to Christ as we partner with him to bring his kingdom purposes to earth.

                    c.  One topic talks from the 10 different identity concepts presented in the book: these talks can be sermons, one time presentations, or presented at conferences or seminars.

                    d.  Book studies done over a series of weeks in locations convenient to where I live.

I am also developing a blog, facebook page and twitter to communicate the themes of Identity Crisis on an ongoing basis!  Watch for all of this to come out in the next few weeks as we prepare for the first printing of the book coming out in early December!  (the book will make great Christmas presents)

What are my dreams for how this book will make a difference?

I envision a scenario much like we find in Ezekiel 37.  The Lord took Ezekiel to a valley of dry bones and he told Ezekiel what to say so the dry bones became a living, breathing army.  We, as people, have become a valley of dry bones as we let the world define our identity.  As we engage the truth of our god given identity, we begin to breathe again and find our destiny, the unique reason for our life on earth.  As we reclaim our true identity from the wasteland of the dry bones, we discover our life on earth is fulfilling, joyful and full of peace!

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Curtis said...

These plans are the full-meal deal. People can get the information in anyway and any amount that they are comfortable with or ready for.

Lot's of work; but valuable to reach people where they are.