Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missio Lux in Transition

I haven't blogged for a long time.  The reason for this is that at the beginning of September, everything in our lives changed, as we announced that Bill and I are moving to California.  He has been commuting back and forth to San Francisco for 4 1/2 years, and it was time to make a change.

I stayed at Bill's apartment in San Francisco during the month of July and it was then that we knew that the supernatural grace that God has given us to be apart during the week was being withdrawn.  So, we began to pray and ask God to show us what to do.

We got a very clear answer when Bill's company said they wanted us to be in California; they no longer wanted to support his apartment in the city.  They gave us some time to make the transition, and I thought that we would finish out the next ministry year and go next summer, but when I asked the Lord about it, I heard him say, "Go now!"

So, we began to tell Missio Lux our plan.  The response shows the great maturity of the people within Missio Lux.  Their first statement was "We are so happy for you and Bill,  we want you to be together."  Some of them even said, "I knew that you would be moving, the Lord has been preparing me."

This blessing is huge for giving us the confidence to move into the next stage of Missio Lux's life and ministry.  We understand that God continues to spread us out and that my next stage is to be present in California. 

What does this mean for Missio Lux in Seattle?  They are ready to do the work of ministry without my presence.  Most have even said that they recognize that they will step into their full calling as I go.  I will continue to huddle, our intentional discipleship, and train them from afar with conference calls and skype, as well as occasional visits.

Our most challenging aspect in Missio Lux has been the center core.  We have attracted people that are interested in the missional aspect of ministry, not the nuts and bolts that sustain the rest.  So, we have decided to look for a person who will commit themself to doing this work... we won't call it an employee because we are a family, but one that will receive financial support to be freed up enough to do the work.

My work will shift from being an implementer of ministry to one who equips, trains and disciples the ministry implementers.  I am excited about this new stage of life.  It will allow me to work with the catalysts that God is identifying in different locations, as well as those in Seattle.

We covet your prayers during this very important time in Missio Lux' development.  We are relying on the Lord to continue to show us his path to walk.  We recognize that the Lord very supernatually birthed this ministry and he will continue to bring his heavenly solutions to our earthly challenges.

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