Monday, February 14, 2011

Save the Date - May 20th

Hoops of Hope is coming up again on May 20th! The money raised at this great "Hoop-a-thon" will provide for the 35 orphans currently sponsored by Seeds of Hope. Hopefully, enough money will be raised that some of the other 30 or more kids from this village waiting to go to school and have a place to live can also join the crowd (above).
The kids are all from a village in Sudan that was destroyed by war. $1,200 is all it takes to provide most of what one of these kids needs for an entire year - clothes, food, school, health care and supervised housing during school breaks. You can search my blog (using the search bar at the top right) for more on Seeds of Hope and Hoops of Hope. Plan to join us at Pine Lake Middle School on May 20th!

Here is a video created by a seventh grader about last year's event.

Hoops of Hope for Seeds of Hope Event 2010 from Derek on Vimeo.

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