Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stories of Transformation, Part 2

Sunday, my husband Bill and I were able to meet Kristen at her school, where she got a job as a 3rd grade teacher this fall. Kristen is recently divorced with 3 young children, and is stepping back into the workforce after many years of staying home with her children.

Kristen is strategically placed at a school where almost every child has English as a second language. I find this very exciting because one of the main strengths that I see in Kristen is her ability to connect powerfully with people of other cultures. She steps into a place of strength that I know is a gift from God.

When Bill and I stepped into her classroom, I knew that she isn't just returning to the work force, or making money to support her family, she is fulfilling a God size calling that he intended for her since before the world began! She is there to bring hope, light and love to each student hand picked to be in her class, as well as the ripple effect of the families and the cultures they are part of.

We were able to pray for Kristen and for the challenges she has teaching 20 kids in English who mostly speak a different language at home. Then, she began to go around the room to the children's desk and speak out her concern for them. We went to the chairs and prayed, and asked the Lord to bring his presence into their seats!

These kinds of stories are the ones we need to tell as we think about the Body of Christ living in Kingdom. The goal isn't to equip more pastors, but to help transform the thinking of God's faithful people to see that they are making kingdom impact in their daily life!

Being a teacher in a school where the world is at your doorstep is sure a great example of how God can use a person like Kristen to literally impact the global world!

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