Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stories of Transformation: Part 1

Sunday night Missio Lux got to experience a baptism of great significance. Every baptism is important; a giant step forward in our ability to witness to Jesus' work in our life, but this one holds a very special place in my heart.

Fran is a man who has an important job in a well known Seattle company. He has always done all the right things: come to church, supported his family, and serving others in need.

However, for most of his life, he felt like he stood outside the circle. He saw the passion that others had in their faith and felt like he just wasn't worthy to experience it too.

God is so merciful, however. Fran hit some trouble and sank to a deep low. He came to me for some prayer in desperation to see his life be different. As we prayed, the Loving Heavenly Father showed him his heart for Fran, his presence throughout his WHOLE life, and his invitation to be part of his Kingdom family.

I was privileged to literally see a transformation take place instantly. All the old hindrances literally fell off and the glorious presence of the Lord came forward. He is a changed man!

He tells me often of the many people who tell him, "You look different." His physical appearance is different, and his presence is full of peace now. He is present in a new way to his wife and to his family, and his witness is appealing. He is so hungry to grow, reading Scripture day and night, praying with his wife and playing board games with his family, available in ways that he has never been present.

I feel expectant for how God is going to use Fran for the Kingdom! It will be fun to watch and see how God is going to paint the masterpiece of his life.

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