Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trip to the Issaquah Food Bank

Yesterday was a great day as our neighborhood children (driven by their parents, of course! ) took 953 lbs. of food to the local food bank.

This was a huge accomplishment for the kids, aged 5 to 12, were the ones who organized the food drive in the three neighborhoods right around us.

They made up the flier explaining the food drive first, then divided up into several groups, went through the neighborhoods ringing door bells and explaining the plan to collect food for the food bank.

They followed up by coming around to collect the food a couple of weeks later! I think that their favorite part was counting the food and celebrating how generous people had been.

Yesterday was the completion of the food drive as three full cars of food arrived at the Issaquah Food Bank with a lot of heavy food!

It made me so happy to see how pleased the kids were with themselves, the response of their neighbors, and the ability to give some time on a chilly Saturday morning stocking shelves at the food bank.

It was a gift to hear that they are already making plans for how next year can be even bigger and better!

One mom told me that her son was the one who drove the initiative for his neighborhood. He didn't wait for an adult to make it happen, he was ready to go!

This is Missio Lux in action: living a lifestyle that cares about other people, even if it is inconvenient or costly to ourselves. These kids are learning this at a young age and it will serve them well as they move into adulthood and consider what they were meant to do on this earth!
UPDATE: Additional late contributions put us over our goal of 1000 pounds! Our final total was 1048 pounds- more than 430 pounds over last year.

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