Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a Slice of Missio Lux: Healing Prayer MIssio Community

Missio Lux Healing Prayer exists to help people
live into the abundant life that Jesus offers by:
sharing Jesus' love and good news,
praying for the sick and brokenhearted,
proclaiming freedom for the captives,
and equipping others to do the same.

Last night was our December Healing Prayer Worship Service.

We hold one every fourth Tuesday of the month, except in December when it is the third week. It's one of my favorite things to do all month. Our team assembles early to prepare, pray and take communion. We spend time remembering who God is and our identity and that it truly Jesus that heals, we just get to be part of it by with our presence.

Our worship team consists of 3 men and two women. Last night the worship truly was the sound of heaven coming to earth. Our philosphy is that when we worship, Jesus arises out of the worship to heal.

We have started to get "words of knowledge" for what God wants to heal. Last night we got depression and lungs. No one was present for the need for lung healing, until the end of the night. A woman came late whose nephew was in the ICU for two months with severe lung damage. We all gathered around her at the end of the service and praised God for the healing we knew he would do. Words of knowledge are God's promise that he will heal; praying for what is given is like writing a check in the bank of healing.

No one ever wants to leave the worship services. People linger far past the ending time, the team and those who come for prayer both!

But, this isn't the only time that our healing prayer ministry holds worship services of healing.

We also have teams who go to a nursing home: Marionwood in Issasquah, WA and Spiritwood, an assisted living facility just up the road from Marionwood. Monday night 29 people came to the service in Marionwood, they eat up the worship and the prayer. They are hungry for love, prayer and healing so it is delightful work for the team who is committed to these services.

Our mission statement says that "we equip others to do the same."

We are currently holding weekend trainings for others who want to be equipped to pray for healing. One weekend was prayer for physical healing, the second weekend was for emotional healing, and in the new year, we will hold one for spiritual healing. We are also offering a fourth weekend for "Integration" where all the different types of healing will come together.

This is what God did to surprise us! We have several people coming together that know one another. They are seeking to launch healing ministry in their own churches or communities. Our role in Missio Lux is to help them to get there and to walk with them through the process.

This ministry has been an amazing adventure of growth and the unknown becoming known. When we started, we had about 20 people who had never been exposed to supernatural healing before. Now, we know God heals because we see it happen on a regular basis because Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

We pray for the kingdom all the time when we pray the Lord's Prayer: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven......

to find out more about Healing Prayer, go to www.missiolux/missiocommunities/healingprayer

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