Saturday, November 7, 2009

Off to South Carolina for the 3dministries Learning Community

We are about to leave again for our team meeting with 3dministries in South Carolina!

This is our second team meeting in a series of four. The subject for this gathering is leadership: a much needed topic for the Church today. I am very much looking forward to 3d's teaching on leadership as I see such healthy leadership modeled from their core team.

One of the healthy areas that drew me to join the Learning Community was their commitment to strong community. They all gather every morning at 8 a.m. for morning prayers for both the ministry and their own lives. They eat together regularly and they are involved in one another's lives. They are the family of God in action.

They also have a strong commitment to abide. They know how to work hard, but they also know how to rest and to have fun. They understand that as we walk out God's rhythm's of life, we will be more frutiful, more contented and more available to his kingdom work!

The third reason I follow is their commitment to healthy relationships. They encourage conflict resolution done in love, speaking truth to one another and staying committed, rather than fleeing to a place of safety. They also honor not only their friends, but also those who have not shown them their best selves.

The last reason that I respect their leadership is that they have a strong commitment to living out their faith as the Bible teaches. Mike Breen is a very knowledgable theologian who knows how to bring it to real life practicality. He also moves between the two sides of invitation and challenge--Jesus modeled these very well, and 3d moves in them in everything they do.

I made a commitment when I was at 3d Learning Community for the Senior Leader's Retreat after one of Mike's talks. I wish he had given an invitation to go forward because I was ready to make a public commitment that I am willing to go all the way with Jesus.

I acknowledge the cost and although it makes my heart pound to write this, I don't ever want to turn back in fear or complacency from doing whatever it is that Jesus asks me to do as his follower.

How about you? Where are you being challenged, literally, to take up your cross and follow Jesus? Let's share them so we can pray for one another!

Until then, pray for us as we soak up some rays in the diamond sand of the amazing beaches in South Carolina.....that is, before we get to work learning healthy leadership!

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