Saturday, November 21, 2009

Community Happening with Teachers from Adventure Teaching and MIssio Lux in South Korea

Kelly Hogan is the Missio Lux Activator in South Korea: this is her update on their recently formed Missio Community:

Thursday nights are going great. Tonight will be our third consecutive
week at Scott and Dionne's. Kim and Todd and kiddos, SJ and Reubs, Whit,
Anna, me, and the host's seem to be the regulars at this point.

Outline of what we do: eat and hang for a bit, pull out a guitar and worship/soak for a
while, which leads into praying, which we do for a long time. Then before we
know it it's 10pm and we go home.

AWESOME things happening though -- North Korea keeps coming up, so we pray into that and talk about that a lot...last week we started talking about how we can get into the country, hah. We pray for healing every week too for whoever needs it... and mostly just sit and
wait on God, see what the Spirit wants to do, etc. It's been super fruitful
for each of us I think, definitely something we all look forward to each

Stuff with the gals is INCREDIBLE... I think one of the tell-tale signs that
it's the Lord working is when things are ACCELERATED and that is the only
way to explain what has been happening between the eight of us. In the last
two weeks -- well, ever since that last Sunday night when you were here,
which, by the way, was super powerful for each of them -- there has been a
sudden increase in vulnerability and depth of love and selflessness in each
of us.

Whenever we're together (which is most of the time) there is such a
sweet, sensitive spirit in our midst, and we all sense it. Last week we met a gal and she immediately clicked with us -- so of course we
took her under our wing and made her hang with us all day. Unfortunantly she
lives like 40min south of Suwon or something crazy, but when we were having
lunch she said to us with tears in her eyes, "I've been here
for 2 months and haven't met that many people -- I'm not kidding, just last
week I asked my family and friends to start praying that God would give me
friends here..." at which point Tayla quickly replies, "He-LLO girl, at your
service!" Ha. Oh Tayla.

Anyway. Whit and I are continually becoming more intentional and meet weekly
(just us) to pray and talk about how we can serve them better. It's awesome,
finally feels like a partnership! And it's so powerful to watch God work and
move in each of our lives, healing and restoring and redeeming as we all
learn how to love one another.

And finally, Kim. Oh that woman. This week she, Mindy, Tayla, and
Katie officially started a bible study on Thursday mornings. Because
everyone sleeps over at Whit's on Wednesday nights, and those that don't
have to work early head over to Kim's for breakfast and tea.

So. Community is happening everywhere. It's beautiful. We're all talking and
praying and wondering if we're going to stay longer than we originally
planned. Well... me, Whit, Tayla, Katie, and Mindy. Those are the people
I've talked to about the possibility of staying longer. Obviously it's
really far away for everyone but Whit, but we're all really open to whatever
God wants to do.

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