Sunday, February 1, 2009

Seeds of Hope Sends Children to School in Kenya

January was a pivital month for Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Hope missional purpose is to support Sudanese children in boarding school so that they can become educated in order to go back into Sudan and help bring solutions and help to their war torn country.

Do you know the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan? Well, we are partnering with two Lost Boys: John Kher and Arok Garang, who are from the southern village of Paliau. When the United Nations decided to close the Kakuma Refugee Camp, the children from this village had nowhere to go. If they were shipped back to Paliau, they would not have the basic necessities of life since a great majority of them are orphans or have parents that are unable to provide for them.

This is where Missio Lux came in. We recognized the need for these children to be safe, fed, cared for and educated, and through our relationship with John Kher, Seeds of Hope was born. Even though Missio Lux was still in the birthing room itself, we made the commitment to get as many children as we could to school. We set the goal higher than we our funding; but we sent them in faith believing that God trusted us to be good stewards of these children's lives.

In June, I met Arok in Colorado. He told me that he had put 17 children in school and a few of the Sudanese brothers were trying unsucessfully to fund them. Seeds of Hope doubled our number of children we had in school that day as we agreed to come alongside Arok and help his village children become educated too.

This is the exciting part! We held an event to introduce Arok and tell his story in November, and 90 people showed up. A Missio Community: Seeds of Hope Denver has launched since that gathering. Now Arok has the support and encouragement of a team coming alongside of him to help find sponsors for the children to stay in school.

But, the even more thrilling news is that we were able to send all 34 children to school in January fully funded for this year! Yeah.......God is doing his part in planting the seeds of hope into each one of these children. We celebrate being able to follow along behind him in faith.

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