Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leaving for 3dministries Learning Community

I am excited because tomorrow I am leaving for the 3dministries Learning Community.

Mike Breen is the leader of 3d ministries, and he has a powerful story. He was a pastor of a parish in England when his town shut down the local nightclub. The closing of the nightclub was significant for this town because when the evil within it was shut down, people began to come to the Lord in great numbers. Soon, the church had to move to the building that once held the nightclub because the church couldn't hold everyone who wanted to attend service on Sunday.

Well, one day Mike heard the Lord ask him a question, "What will you do when you don't have this building anymore?" Sure enough, within a week the fire department shut them down for asbestos and for being a firetrap.

What to do? The church came up with the idea to start missional communities of around 30 to 70 people. These missional communities only worshipped with other communities one time per month, and the rest of the time they were the Church to one another and to the world.

Sound familiar? Yes, this is what Missio Lux is doing! We are forming communities of people with a missio: missional purpose.

I am so thrilled to become part of the Learning Community. The LC consists of up to 15 ministry leaders who come together through common vision of leading dispersed model churches and befriend and learn from one another.

This is what I have been looking for since I started Missio Lux. I am anxious to have a coach who has more experience and whose brain I can pick, as well as be part of a huddle where I will receive training and coaching. I am looking forward to getting to know the other ministry leaders in my learning community and experiencing the struggle and challenges together, rather than alone. I am also looking forward to taking a team to the Learning Community two times per year so we can expand the mission of Missio Lux.

Please pray for me as I journey to Pawley Island, South Carolina tomorrow to take my first step in joining a 3dministries Learning Community.

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