Thursday, November 10, 2011

Experiencing the Egyptian Aftermath of the Massacre October 9th

Laurie is one of the major leaders in Missio Lux.  She has been my vision partner since the inception of Missio Lux; meaning that we meet together weekly to dream about the future and plan for the present.  Laurie is extremely gifted and intelligent. She currently attends Bakke Graduate University,, whose mission is to "Develop Christ centered leaders who change global cities." 

As part of their curriculum, they require students to go on an intensive trip in some of the most challenging locations on the globe.  Laurie chose to go to the Middle East this October.  She began to get nervous as the date for departure drew near; especially with all the volatility in the Middle East this year.

She had reason to be wary.  The groups' first stop was in Cairo, Egypt right in the middle of the massacre October 9th.

Her group of Bakke students actually ended up staying in the Coptic Christian Bishop's home, as well as being present at a meeting with the Coptic Pope where the families of the Copts who were killed came and vented their grief and outrage.

It is often hard to get reliable press coverage; leaving us wondering what to believe at times.  Take a few minutes to watch this short (1:22) video and read the text that accompanies it.  It is important to know how our fellow brothers and sisters around the world are being treated.

Laurie has many stories to tell about her trip, including sharing about Jesus followers who risk their lives to share God's love by serving their communities. I will make sure to link all her blog posts to this sight so we don't miss out on her observations and reflections.

Take a moment now to pray for the Coptic Christians in Egypt; for their protection, courage, perseverance and wisdom. Amen.

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